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Winifred's design produced a neckline that was far too small. Sewing on a ribbed collar with varying lengths was interesting but still too small.

Eventually sewed on a ribbed collar at about 92% of neck size and it's OK but it sits too high on the neck and makes your ears hurt for a while after putting it on!

Switched to the Menswear book I bought at the Stitch Festival and the neckline is much better. A really nice fit.

Then started adding sleeves and the pattern is too narrow. This sleeve fits too tightly. It's based on the circumference of the bicep which is too small and the shoulder looks 'mean'.

Added a few more cm to the width of the sleeve and it's better. Added a cuff and it looks pretty good. Could do with a cm or so off either the sleeve hem length, or the cuff could be smaller. Did manage to cut it the wrong way around though, hence it being inside-out.